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#1 2005-09-27 15:16:16

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Hi everyone...

I've been tryin' to configure my laptop to enable all my laptop features, like making work my battery 2hrs as it used to with windows, make to turn off my screen when I close it, etc.

I've tryin' with too many Wiki, but too many has made me confuse, is there any easy wiki to help me to configure my laptop working as laptop?, I mean, enable all the features posible.

best regards.



#2 2005-10-02 20:41:02

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Re: acpi

I remember that I found this gentoo guide very good back while when. If I remember correctly most of it is generic stuff, but there's probably one or two gentoo-specific stuff you should keep your eyes on.

Good luck.

PS. I can just say that most of the stuff you need is under /etc/acpi


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