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#1 2012-12-11 09:17:52

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archiso booting fails on xps15z


I'm trying to install 64bit Archlinux on Dell XPS 15z (with Phoenix bios) from a cd with arch iso (2012-12-01) image burned. The booting sequence halts at:

Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... done.
Booting the kernel
:: running early hook [udev]
:: running hook [udev]
:: Triggering uevents...
[     1.943490] [drm] nouveau 000:01:00.0 0xD581: i2c wr fail: -6

Now this didn't happen on previous arch images. At first I thought it was badly burned iso, but the same problem occured with newly burned one (downloaded from another mirror). It seems to be a problem with I2C bus, but my knowledge ends at this point.

It did start, after several attempts, but the keyboard stopped responding. I forced it to restart only to halt with above error.

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#2 2012-12-25 10:42:38

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Re: archiso booting fails on xps15z

try the folllowing boot parameters i915.semaphores=1 acpi=noirq
I am still having simular problems that it doesnt always boot (I am just suspending my laptop a lot now instead of shutting it down)

Just found some other post which talks about these problems

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Re: archiso booting fails on xps15z


i don't think that "i915.semaphores=1" will change anything since i915 is for Intel graphics cards, but it looks like this computer has an Nvidia graphics card. I suggest trying to blacklist the "nouveau" kernel module in the bootloader (syslinux) by changing the kernel command line, however i have no idea on how to do that, i read somewhere (it was Ubuntu-related so i don't know if it will work on Arch) that you can add "module.blacklist=1" to the kernel command line (in the bootloader, press TAB to edit the command line and use Enter to boot), in your case it should be "nouveau.blacklist=1".

Have a nice day and good luck.


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