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XBMC issues

Hi, I have been fiddling around with XBMC a bit, Im looking at setting up a media centre at home and Ive come across some 'issues'

I have installed XBMC 11 on arch and windows on the same laptop, and there seem to be a couple of 'problems' with the arch XBMC

firstly, there is a bit of a lag when changing songs, there is 1 - 2 second pause where everything locks up completely, and then the next song plays and everything resumes, this does not happen on Windows.

Secondly, DLNA with XBMC seems a little strange with arch, connecting a 'controler' (my iPad) to XMBC all works on arch and Windows 100%, but with arch, if I were to change the song on the laptop, the new song info would not be updated on the iPad (running plugplayer), this only happens on arch.

and lastly, CPU usage on Windows, idle with XBMC open is around 20%, on arch its from 30 to 50% and my fan is louder than Windows.

Im using the nouveau driver, and there is a setting in XBMC "verticle blank sync" which I have fiddled with on both Windows and arch, but I dont notice much difference. I read somewhere a while back that adjusting that setting my reduce CPU usage.

Does anyone else experience any of the issues I mentioned? Im going to try the new beta XBMC tomorrow and see if there are any improvements.

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