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#1 2003-10-18 09:34:39

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Need help setting up grub with a dual boot :(

Well, I have a 2nd Hdd in my machine that has unfortuantely windows on it. It is win2kpro just for reference. Well, I have edited my /boot/grub/menu.lst so it looks like this.

# (0) Arch Linux
title  Arch Linux  [/boot/vmlinuz]
root   (hd0,2)
kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/discs/disc0/part3 ro
title Winfroze Windass
rootnoverify (hd2,0)
chainloader +1

When I rebooted it gave me an error saying drive does not exist. The windows drive is hdc and the Arch linux drive is hda, obviously from looking at my menu.lst.
Is there any reason why my config does not work? If there is what is the possible fix? I have tried with and without makeactive, just for reference. Is there something else I need to add?

I can pull the power cable on the Arch hdd and boot just fine into win2kpro on it's own. But when I hook the drive back up with Arch on it I can't seem to boot into the win2kpro hdd.

TIA for any help. If you need any more info please let me know.


#2 2003-10-18 10:35:31

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Re: Need help setting up grub with a dual boot :(

Try using hd1 for your second hard drive. I'm not sure how grub numbers the hard drive. For my system, hd0 is hda and hd1 is my SCSI disk sda !

And before starting reboot after reboot you can boot into arch and fire up grub. It will present you with almost the same command prompt you get when in the boot stage. From there you can try to figure out what grub thinks. I would try the commands

geometry (hd0)
geometry (hd1)
geometry (hd2)

this will show you what grub knows about the drives. When you are in a running AL system you probably can't issue the boot command ;-) ... but you can try to type it and use TAB-expansion and grub will try to find what it *could* boot !
And just be careful with the setup command which will install grub !

Alternatively, when booting your system and grub is counting down the 5 seconds, interrupt it and you can do some diagnostics there, like the geometry commands I mentioned above.

Maybe I have been too detailed, but then again it might help somebody else :-)


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