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GRUB2: load TrueCrypt boot image on other hard drive?

I have two drives. Drive A has windows xp on it (only 1 partition) and the partition is encrypted with TrueCrypt. Drive B has a boot partition that has GRUB2 stuff on it and also an LVM partition that has Arch Linux in it. I tried running "grub-mkconfig" (I already have the os-prober package) but it can't recognize the TrueCrypt-encrypted Drive A's boot sector.

Regardless, I can still boot into windows if I choose Drive A to be read first from BIOS. If I choose Drive B to be read first, then GRUB2 loads up and I can boot into Arch. I can manually switch between the two but this requires going into BIOS settings each time.

Is there a saner solution to this? Are there any Arch users out there who dual-boot and use TrueCrypt?


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