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Smart warnings

OK, this may sound like a daft question, but can SMART errors be caused by anything other than a failing drive? For example, could a poor SATA connection cause them.

I only ask because my gsmartcontrol is reporting errors on my main data drive, but I have had some problems with SATA connections recently. Before I spend my hard earned on a new drive I want to be sure that it is actually failing.


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Re: Smart warnings

I would back up your data first and ask questions later. (At least, I would do this if I minded losing the data.)

I'm not familiar with gsmartcontrol but one thing to ask is: what errors? SMART can provide a lot of data and it makes a difference which sorts of errors you are seeing.

Has SMART reported the drive healthy in the past? That is, this is a change rather than just what it claims the first time you try it on this drive? For example, SMART can give weird results on sdds...

What is the output of smartctl -a /dev/sdX or the gsmartcontrol equivalent?

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