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kernel panics with 3.5.x/3.6.x without logs


after different times of usage, I got a kernel panic with every kernel I tried since 3.4.9, but for that one I atleast got logs and saw some output on the screen iirc. The kernels I tried in the mean time include 3.5.3-1, 3.5.4-1, 3.6.2-1 and 3.6.5-1 and some -ck versions from the aur. Now each time I had a kernel panic my monitor was black and my laptop didnt react to any input from the keyboard. The only thing left to do was to push the power button for a few seconds and see how much data was lost after the reboot. I hoped that fully switching away from the old initscripts would somehow magically solve my problem, but ofc it didn't.
Apart from trying to get the screen output with some external monitor, which will likely fail, is there a way to get to know, what is causing the panics?
The panics happened usually after a few days of usage. I am now back on 3.4.7 with an uptime of about 33 days.

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Re: kernel panics with 3.5.x/3.6.x without logs

Check your logs for clues.
In the absence of any usable clues, look at the kernel modules that are being used, blacklist the ones you can do without on a minimal system and see if it improves, Then turn them on until it breaks again.

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