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[SOLVED] Why does android-sdk remain in AUR?

It seems that with 1500+ votes it might be worthy of being put in [community]. I'm just curious.

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Re: [SOLVED] Why does android-sdk remain in AUR?

The two most common reasons that popular packages stay in the AUR:

1. Licensing
2. No dev or TU uses them and can't maintain them.

A quick search through the license turns up this, emphasis added by me:

3.3 You may not use the SDK for any purpose not expressly permitted by this License Agreement. Except to the extent required by applicable third party licenses, you may not: (a) copy (except for backup purposes), modify, adapt, redistribute, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the SDK or any part of the SDK; or (b) load any part of the SDK onto a mobile handset or any other hardware device except a personal computer, combine any part of the SDK with other software, or distribute any software or device incorporating a part of the SDK.

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