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Convert command not working

I used to do somthing similar to this

 for x in *.xbm; do convert -fill "#afa72e" -transparent white -colorize 100 -bordercolor transparent -border 8x8 -gravity center -crop 16x16+0+0 "${x}" "${x%.*}.png 

to change the color of my icons, but now I only get many coloryzed squares. The problem is in the -fill command I suppose, since when I remove it I get my icons with the right size, but black. If I change the colorize value I can see my icons with the color I've choosen, but it fills the whole image and it's transparent, so basically the icon keeps being black.
Anyone can explain my why this doesn't work no more? It's been ages since the last time I changed colors, so maybe I'm a little outdated, but the awesome wiki ( reports the same command so...

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