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Gmusicbrowser - How to use labels in "gmusicbrowser -cmd" commands?

Hi, I installed Arch two days ago, coming from Mint, and I enjoy it very much so far.
As a desktop environment, I installed XFCE and overall everything has gone flawlessly. However, I am facing a bit of a problem, which I cannot seem to solve.

I use gmusicbrowser as my music player, and I want to map some keybindings to the program. I've already set up 'PlayPause', 'NextSong' and 'PrevSong' using XFCE's keyboard shortcuts, but I want to map my remaining mediakey to label the current playing song as a favorite.

The output of gmusicbrowser -listcmd, shows me that gmusicbrowser -cmd SetSongLabel should do the trick.

gmusicbrowser  -listcmd
Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
	Using the fallback 'C' locale. at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/ line 138.
neither Locale::Messages, nor Locale::gettext found -> no translations
Name "GMB::DBus::bus" used only once: possible typo at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 333.
Available commands (for fifo or layouts) :
AddFilesToPlaylist          : Add a list of files/folders to the playlist  (argument : url-encoded list of files/folders)
AddToLibrary                : Add files/folders to library  (argument : url-encoded list of files/folders)
Browser                     : Open Browser 
ChangeDisplay               : Change Display  (argument : Display (:1 or host:0 for example))
ClearPlayFilter             : Clear playlist filter 
ClearPlaylist               : Clear playlist 
ClearQueue                  : Clear queue 
CloseWindow                 : Close Window 
DecVolume                   : Decrease Volume 
DeleteSelected              : Delete Selected Songs 
EditSelectedSongsProperties : Edit selected song properties 
EnqueueAction               : Enqueue Action  (argument : Queue mode)
EnqueueAlbum                : Enqueue Songs from Current Album 
EnqueueArtist               : Enqueue Songs from Current Artist 
EnqueueFiles                : Enqueue a list of files/folders  (argument : url-encoded list of files/folders)
EnqueueSelected             : Enqueue Selected Songs 
Forward                     : Forward  (argument : Number of seconds)
GoToCurrentSong             : Select current song 
Hide                        : Hide 
IncVolume                   : Increase Volume 
InsertFilesInPlaylist       : Insert a list of files/folders at the start of the playlist  (argument : url-encoded list of files/folders)
MenuPlayFilter              : Popup playlist filter menu 
MenuPlayOrder               : Popup playlist order menu 
MenuQueue                   : Popup queue menu 
NextAlbum                   : Next Album 
NextArtist                  : Next Artist 
NextSong                    : Next Song 
NextSongInPlaylist          : Next Song In Playlist 
OpenContext                 : Open Context window 
OpenCustom                  : Open Custom window  (argument : Name of layout)
OpenFiles                   : Play a list of files  (argument : url-encoded list of files)
OpenPref                    : Open Preference window 
OpenQueue                   : Open Queue window 
OpenSearch                  : Open Search window 
OpenSongProp                : Edit Current Song Properties 
PlayListed                  : Play listed songs 
PlayPause                   : Play/Pause 
PopupCustom                 : Popup Custom window  (argument : Name of layout)
PopupTrayTip                : Popup Traytip  (argument : Number of milliseconds)
PrevSong                    : Previous Song 
PrevSongInPlaylist          : Previous Song In Playlist 
QueueInsertSelected         : Insert Selected Songs at the top of the queue 
Quit                        : Quit 
ReloadLayouts               : Re-load layouts 
Rewind                      : Rewind  (argument : Number of seconds)
RunPerlCode                 : Run perl code  (argument : perl code)
RunSysCmd                   : Run system command  (argument : Shell command)
Save                        : Save Tags/Options 
Seek                        : Seek  (argument : Number of seconds)
SetFocusOn                  : Set focus on a layout widget  (argument : Widget name)
SetPlayerLayout             : Set player window layout  (argument : Name of layout)
SetSongLabel                : Add a label to the current song  (argument : Label)
SetSongRating               : Set Current Song Rating  (argument : Rating between 0 and 100, or empty for default)
Show                        : Show 
ShowHide                    : Show/Hide 
ShowHideWidget              : Show/Hide layout widget(s)  (argument : |-separated list of widget names)
Stop                        : Stop 
TogAlbumLock                : Toggle Album Lock 
TogArtistLock               : Toggle Artist Lock 
TogMute                     : Mute/Unmute 
TogSongLock                 : Toggle Song Lock 
ToggleFullscreen            : Toggle fullscreen mode 
ToggleFullscreenLayout      : Toggle the fullscreen layout 
ToggleRandom                : Toggle between Random/Shuffle and Ordered 
ToggleSongLabel             : Toggle a label of the current song  (argument : Label)
UnsetSongLabel              : Remove a label from the current song  (argument : Label)

But I have been unable to figure out how to set up the label in the command. The following outputs are commands that I  have tried, and they did not work:

gmusicbrowser -cmd SetSongLabel favorite
gmusicbrowser -cmd SetSongLabel argument : favorite

How do you set up the command correctly, so that the current playing song will be labeled as a favorite?

If you've come this far down, I sincerely thank you for your time. I would very much appreciate any help I can get! smile

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Re: Gmusicbrowser - How to use labels in "gmusicbrowser -cmd" commands?

I've found out that the arguments to the command are passed in brackets, which must be skipped in the shell, e.g. 'gmusicbrowser -cmd Forward\(10\)'  (seek 10 seconds). Your case should follow the same, I guess.


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