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KDE won't start after kdm login

I'm new Arch Linux user,
After a successful fresh installation, setting things up, installing KDE and some other stuff, ... A day after, KDE failed to load just after KDM successful login.
It almost shows the KDE's splash-screen, and then it fails and returns to KDM! However, login via terminal succeed but can't start KDE nor startX.

  - I've tried every thread out there, searched the Wiki, the forums, tried every possible thing I found...
  - Removed and reinstalled KDE, removed the very last packages I installed, updated the fonts cache, created a new user to test if it's a login issue,
  - Restarted the services with systemctl.

Just got NOTHING.

I can post commands output here, just tell what command.

P.S. I don't have nVideo graphic card, so this is not that issue mentioned on the Wiki (though, I even tried the solution provided there).
P.S.2. Bye the way, this happened on Kubuntu as well, just before I formated and decided to move to Arch.

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Re: KDE won't start after kdm login

Welcome to Arch!

Just to confirm, you see the same issue with a fresh user account? So anything you modified in your home directory can be ruled out as a cause?

Did you make any changes to /etc/skel/? That would affect new accounts as well.

Look in the logs for clues. In this case the Xorg and kdm logs might be helpful, if they exist. journalctl can also be filtered for relevant messages.

Can you start X/KDE from the command line? That is, without starting KDM?

Did you run pacman to update the system? If so, what was updated? (pacman.log will tell you.)

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