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udev and partition on external hard drive


I have a new Maxtor OneTouchII USB/Firewire external harddisk. I'd like to setup udev to correctly get some symlinks.

I'm using a personnaly compiled vanilla kernel v2.6.13.2

I added this to my /etc/udev/rules.d/00-my.rules :

BUS="ieee1394", SYSFS{model_name_kv}=="OneTouch II", SYMLINK="MaxtorOneTouchII"

And I get a simlink /dev/MaxtorOneTouchII pointing to /dev/sda1 when I plug it via firewire.

Now I've formated my HD with a small fat partition and the rest of the  hd ext3, so I now had sda1 and sda2. The symlink /dev/MaxtorOneTouchII is now pointing to /dev/sda2.

What I'd like is to have two symlinks, one /dev/MaxtorOneTouchII_partition1 and one /dev/MaxtorOneTouchII_partition2 for example. How can I do this?

After this is done, I'll try to do the same thing but when it is pluged in via usb. So I can have only a fstab entry per partition.

Thank you.


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