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Setting build folder using ~/.makepkg.conf

Until recently, I manually downloaded source tarballs from the AUR or copied folders out of my abs tree into my ~/build directory. I recently switched to packer and pacbuilder and these tools by default build in their temporary directories. However, I can't seem to configure them to my liking. The problem is I do not want the src directories to be deleted every time because I build a few devel packages from git and svn and downloading those whole everytime you update them would be a PITA on my connection. It would kinda beat the purpose as well. Right now I have


With that setup however, devel packages lose their repositories every time.

Edit: Wait, I think my setup actually works as intended. Please don't investigate this.

2nd edit: I think what confused me is that pacbuilder enforces the usage of /tmp if I understand /usr/bin/pacbuilder correctly. Can someone confirm this?

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