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[SOLVED]Unable to boot after install (Tried physical and virtual)

Hello, i've been trying to install arch for a few days now.

I have tried a physical machine 4 times and now virtual.. Still same issue..

I have installed arch on this physical machine a few times already and had no issues. Followed the beginners guide and later installed without..

Now what i did was follow the beginners guide to every word...

partitions virtual

/dev/sda1  8000MB ext4 boot /
/dev/sda2 500MB swap

Made it real simple for testing..

partitions physical

sda1 25000MB ext4 boot /
sda2 80000MB ext4        /home
sda5 5000MB swap

After doing the install and rebooting on both physical and virtual i get this screen....


Yeah umm.. Solved i guess...

Forgot to edit the grub.cfg ....

I feel stupid now.. x)

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