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Weird ACPI bug on ThinkPad? Report? Ignore?

I'm running Arch on my ThinkPad x220 tablet laptop. No DE, just xmonad and some bash scripts to handle multimedia keys, xrandr management, etc.

I rebooted today, made a few small changes in BIOS settings, and after booting into Arch again none of my hotkeys worked. No X symbols, no keypress events. The unusual hotkeys that are handled directly by BIOS (the wifi soft kill, for example, and the brightness keys) also were dead. Running "acpi_listen" showed NO acpi events. Not on lid close, not on key presses. DEAD. acpi -b still reported battery information though, so it was loaded (lsmod checked out, etc.).

My first thought was the last pre-reboot pacman -Syu, which had only updated my wacom driver. A rollback confirmed this was unrelated.

And then I thought... that BIOS change. The only thing it could be (after eliminating some other more obvious changes): I had disabled USB "always on" mode, which is the BIOS setting to provide USB charging power while in suspend mode.

Sure enough, re-enabling that apparently unrelated setting ("usb always on" for charging in suspend) brought all my ACPI hotkeys, lid events back to life.

So I'm curious if this seems like a bug? Worth reporting? If so where? I'm also interested if anyone else is familiar with this problem. I haven't encountered it before and didn't turn anything up in a search.

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