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#1 2013-01-04 22:39:12

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KDevelop Help

Hi to everybody

I need some help with KDevelop.

I will like tu use KDevelop to program in Python, Java, PHP and C++, but my problem is that I'm a cuban programmer and we can not download anything from sourceforge and, I know all that I must to do is build the KDevelop package from the AUR with all plugins.... , but when I'm trying to download the plugins, I have a forbiden download error from sourceforge....

For that reason, I'm begging to anyone the grate help to build this package with all its plugins, and after that, publicate it in some place where I'll could download it....

pleaseeeeee.... help me with that.... please....

PD: I'm using Archlinux for 64 bits

best regards....



#2 2013-01-05 00:11:14

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Re: KDevelop Help

Why not use the binaries from the extra repo as was suggested in one of your other threads about this? I know nothing about kdevelop but that seems to cover 3 out of 4 of the cases you mention. For java, I take it you need the crossfire plugin but the PKGBUILD doesn't mention sourceforge. I also checked the AUR package for python-git and that doesn't mention sourceforge either.

I'm confused in any case. Your other threads suggested you were having problems building the packages - not downloading the source to do so. Yet when suggestions were made (e.g. to use the package for python from extra), you did not follow up by either saying you'd done so or explaining why that wouldn't work for you.

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