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gnome-git pkgbuild repository

i was a little bored in hollidayseason, so i started to build a repository for gnome-git pkgbuilds... they are based on pkgbuilds from the extra repository...

they all build fine (exept for gcr which i keep using from the arch repo for now)

one has to downgrade to automake-1.12 for some packages to build atm... see:

i set up a github repo with all the pkgbuilds and a buildorder which worked for me: USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
its not yet complete! and some other gnome apps might stop working if you dont rebuild them against the new librarys!

for build instructions read: … ean_Chroot

best regards from a shiny gnome-git desktop,

PS: if anyone knows things i could make better, im always happy to learn since im quite new to building with pkgbuilds and building gnome at all...

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