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Acer Aspire One Netbook Internal Microphone not functioning correctly

Hi all,

I am new to ArchLinux, I have had it up and running on my desktop for a bit now and I really like it.  Today I installed it on my netbook and its running okay, but I cannot seem to get the internal microphone to function correctly.  I have tried everything that is referenced here ( and still no luck.  Basically what happens is I can see the microphone is working (as I can get feedback) and in the pavucontrol I can see the bar for the internal mic moving slightly on the input tab.  However it just hovers over to the left side of the bar.  I had this issue in the past using Ubuntu but I was able to resolve by muting one of the channels for the internal mic.  But this doesnt' seem to be working on arch. 

Any help that can be provided would be much appreicated.  I would really like to use arch on that computer, but if I can't get the microphone working I'll have to find something else. 

Thanks again!!


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