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partialzip - download individual files from online .zip


I just made a package for "partial-zip" ( It's an app to "retrieve selected portions of ZIP files". At first it was made for iPhone jailbreak, to download specific (small) files from (big) firmware files. It's just a library, with a "test.c" example. The test.c was somehow improved by another dev (and his git repo is used here was used as a base for mine), and I made a quick patch git repo to allow to just "cat" the file to stdout, which can be very convenient (edit) and to list files from command line.

This is not a "final" product.
…but I thought it'd be cool to have such an app in arch, so why not a package?

Since I'm kinda new to AUR, and not a C-expert, I accept any advice.

PS. I'm thinking about adding a feature to list files in the zip.
"partialzip <zipfile> [<extract> [<outfile>]]"
if no <extract> is given, file list is shown. if <outfile> is "-", file sent to stdout.

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