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Anjuta doesn't create signal handlers?

To my surprise there doesn't seem to be a valid tutorial for Anjuta 3.6 around - … -tutorial/ is for an older version and doesn't apply anymore? I was hoping there are some hackers on this forum who can point me to the right direction. I just want to do the most basic thing: add a button to a form with a signal handler that prints "hello world" to stdout.
I am assuming here that Anjuta will create the signal handler code for me, which is suggested in … /x133.html, where it states: "Back, in the callbacks.c file, you might see two callback functions: on_BT_OK_clicked andon_BT_EXIT_clicked.". In this tutorial, these were auto-generated by Anjuta. The problem is, how do I do this in version 3.6? For example, if I click on a button, open the Signals tab and start typing "on.." in the Handler column, Anjuta/Glade is autofilling that to "on_BT_OK_clicked", but then no matching code is created...?

Now, it's not the end of the world if I need to create my own signals.c and signals.h, and add the matching headers and code, but that sounds like either a very useful function was removed from Anjuta, or I am not doing something right..?


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