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[closed] Systemd-journald boot problems with SSD

Hi guys
I recently aquired a SSD drive (samsung 840 series) and have a dual boot set up on it (win7 / arch). Arch is my main os but I installed win7 first (automatic alignment, and MBR overwrite by grub afterwards, saves me the trouble to build it again).

Anyhow I read everything there is to do, when installing linux on a ssd regarding FS, trim etc. so I thought at least. I am using arch for quite some time now and never had any serious problems with it and if I did there were fixed with help of the forum/google. But this time I cant find anything and believe me I searched!

To my problem.

I installed first win7 then arch afterwards (btw. hate the new install media, installed arch after almost 3 years again). The system bootet up normaly, both of them. So then I started configuring arch, setting up gnome etc. After setting up the core environment I encountered some errors at shutdown/reboot. The system got always stuck at
fsck /dev/sda3.... <- sth like that. Anyhow, I wanted to fix that later and used the system as it was for about .. 2 days I guess (had no time). Well, since of yesterday I cant boot up arch anymore. After powering down one night, again with the fsck error at shutdown and powering down the computer with hardware button I get the following error at boot now:

systemd-journald[136] Failed to write entry ; ignoring: Read only FS

and I am getting into


If I try to do a fsck on either one of my partitions, It doesnt work.
I should paste the partition table of the drive, here it is. Its a 120 gig samsung, parted as follows:

90GB Win7
25GB Arch /
5 GB /home/portwolf (for the dot files, rest will be on a mech. HDD)

After setting up arch, I did all there is to do I think, using a SSD. I enabled the fstrim -v / in crontab for the daily trimming, added the relatime mount options in fstab. The FS type for arch is ext4, both partitions.

Please help me, I am stuck in win7 right now sad

and btw: I hate systemd, hated it as I had to migrate my old system (the arch, which was installed before) and hate it now, but this is another matter which I wont mention again, just my 2 cents

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Re: [closed] Systemd-journald boot problems with SSD

If you guys need any more information, just say it. I am at the brink of reinstalling arch again sad



I am considering a defect in the sata wires, not arch related, therefore closed

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