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#1 2013-01-12 09:09:24

el mariachi
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snowshoe Qt5 web-browser

Saw mention of this in Phoronix ( … px=MTI3Mjc).

Snowshoe is an open source project to build a cross platform browser application with multiple user interfaces while sharing the same core engine, based on Qt5 and WebKit2 technologies.
The user interfaces are implemented in QML and have a strong focus on both the usability and the user experience on different platforms - desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Special attention is given to the requirements and restrictions of each platform, like screen size, input methods, memory and processing power.
The Snowshoe community is formed by developers, interaction and graphical designers from many places around the world and all the development is supported by Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT) , a non-profit organization in Brazil.

Sounds interesting! I didn't have time to compile it yet though.. as anyone else tried it?


#2 2013-01-12 19:50:35

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Re: snowshoe Qt5 web-browser


I actually sent the new tip to phoronix. I found out about this browser because it popped up on the qt-dev mailing list where it's being asked if that browser can be included in the next Qt as an example project.

I just looked in aur and someone is already kind enough to put snowshoe in there: it does need Qt5 which is also in aur:



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Re: snowshoe Qt5 web-browser

Nice browser, I'm not a fan of QT; took probably an hour to build, but it's a nice project. Thanks.

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