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xmkmf creates FontDir error on my sgi-fonts AUR package

Since a recent update (not sure when) the makepkg of my sgi-fonts package in the AUR aborts with a error. The script cannot find the pkg/usr/share/fonts/misc directory. This is because the Makefile created by xmkmf now installs the fonts in pkg/fonts/X11/misc, instead of pkg/usr/share/fonts/misc.

I believe that pkg/usr/share/fonts/misc is the correct location, based on this Arch patch to imake. I checked my system to verify that my /usr/lib/X11/config/X11.tmpl file shows FontDir set to /usr/share/fonts as expected.

The investigation above has exhausted my weak make-fu. I know I could have my PKGBUILD script alter the directory in the Makefile after running xmkmf, but that doesn't seem like the right way to fix this. Does anyone know why this font location might have changed in a recent update, or have any suggestions for where I could do further investigation?

Let me also add that I feel a certain sense of urgency in this matter, because any day now some Arch user might need to write a review of a performance of John Cage's 4'33''. The sgi-fonts package happens to include an entirely blank font called "space". As I'm sure many of you recall, these Arch forums' venerable "Snowman" pointed out, lo these many years ago, that such a font would be ideal for writing such a review. Ever since then, I have felt a solemn duty to the Arch community to maintain the sgi-fonts package, to insure that the "space" font will be there if and when such an eventuality occurs.


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