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Display only works *after* suspend


I have a problem which seems to be rather strange for Linux laptop problems - I can only get to the desktop through X11 after closing the lid, letting the laptop suspend, and opening the lid again to resume. Before this point, everything through the console works and I can switch to a TTY, but after KDM is started (via systemd) a blank screen appears. This laptop (an HP DV6) has dual cards which cannot be selected between in the BIOS - both AMD, integrated is the HD4200 and dedicated is the HD5650. I am using catalyst from the community repo - I have tried the PowerXpress and normal builds from the unofficial catalyst repo but have the same problem pre suspend, and a completely black screen after suspend, which was a step backwards. Same problem with catalyst-total from the AUR. In xorg.conf the 5650 is default (checked with lspci) and "aticonfig --list-adapters" shows only the 5650. I don't need the integrated card so this isn't a problem for me, it's more just annoying and strange to have to put the laptop to sleep before it can be used.
Linked is my xorg.conf, though it's straight from aticonfig. I have no other monitors attached or listed in CCC and only the one in xorg.conf so I really have no idea why this is happening. In any case, I'm glad suspend works. I'd much rather have this problem than have problems upon resuming.
Any help is appreciated!


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