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Moving from UEFI to BIOS

Hi, I had an uefi motherboard, and I was running my system on it. Now it broke down, and I got another replacement, but it has regular old BIOS.

I was running GRUB2 on the prevous board, and can anyone tell me how to make it boot with BIOS?

I am just worried that I might lose data if I mess anything up. So I'm asking for help and pointers in advance.

my setup is 5 * 3TB hard drives with identical GPT partition tables, all of them have:
1 uefi partition,
1 bios partition (on raid1),
1 root partition on raid5,
1 home partition on raid5.



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Re: Moving from UEFI to BIOS

As you already have a bios boot partition it should suffice to install the bios-version of grub into the mbr by booting from a live-cd/usb stick or something and chrooting into the installed system. It should detect the bios partition and embed its second stage in there. The raid1 could be a problem i don't really see how it fits into the bios boot partition containing only raw data (no filesystem whatsoever). Also if you previously have been using efi-boot it wouldn't have been used anyway.

As the GPT-Partition table is not touched by that installation and the mbr already exists as a protective mbr to the gpt disk there should not be any danger to your data. But having a backup is always a good idea even if there should not be any danger smile

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