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[SOLVED] could soemone help with a script?

Hi Guys,

Scripting is not my thing, at all. I've come here for help in the past and have had success thanks to this awesome Arch community

Here's the situation, I have a folder, with a bunch of subfolders, each of which I've created an iso from. I created the ISO's in batches and some errored out, so I'm looking for a script to calculate the size of the original folder, and the size of the iso and put them into a csv or something that I can glance over to make sure nothing looks out of place. I did my best to remove the bad ISO's as I went along, but I know i missed a few.

can anyone lend a hand?

edit// after I posted i realized i could use du to calculate the sizes and pipe them into a file, i just grabbed the files and dropped them in a spreadsheet, I'm good to go.

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