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Keyboard won't work in Grub after cold boot

I'll apologise in advance if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't think of anywhere else this would go.

I recently installed archlinux (dual-booting with windows 8) on my laptop - Toshiba Satellite L650.  The problem is that my keyboard won't work  in the grub boot meu after a cold boot, but if functions fine after a warm boot (restart).  I had similar problems with the windows 7 bootloader and the truecrypt bootloader but windows 8 seemed to fix it so I'm confident it's not a hardware fault.  Keys to access the bios menu work fine even after a cold boot so the problem is likely to do with grub.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so, is it fixable?

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Re: Keyboard won't work in Grub after cold boot

I have the same problem,  but i assumed it was a keyboard (Logitech G110) problem since my older keyboards never seemed to have the problem.

If you suspect it's a grub problem, see if you can find anything on their bug tracker.

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