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Some text unreadable with dark theme Equinox Evolution Dusk

I started using my first dark GTK theme, Equinox Evolution Dusk, and I'm really enjoying it. Unfortunately, some of the text in certain applications, such as mtPaint and FileZilla, are impossible to read; they are white on light gray. sad


Do you have a suggestion of how I can fix this? I'm pretty new when it comes to GTK theme configuration files. sad


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Re: Some text unreadable with dark theme Equinox Evolution Dusk

I have faced this same annoying problem with a majority of the dark themes, If I really must see the white text on light background I generally go into the theme folder (~/.themes/name-of-offending-theme/ )& change the following line within index.theme:



this is the original line for the theme GlasyBleu:


using this theme in it's default state gives a light grey back ground to many windows similar to what you posted in your screen shot
So I edit this line to the following:


this results in a blue'ish colour which is still within the boundaries of the colours used in the theme but is dark enough for me to easily see the white text against it.

Hope this helps

unfortunately I cannot find a good reference for 12 bit colours

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