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#1 2013-01-20 23:06:36

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Rhythmbox and iPod sync problem

Hi, I use rhythmbox to listen to music and I have an iPod classic 80gb (it's broken it can only take 20gb now).

I wanted to add new songs from scratch on my iPod so this is what I did (after reading many problems with syncing):
-I synced my iPod with an empty playlist ( to delete all songs currently on the device)
-I dragged and dropped the songs I wanted in my ipod, it synced...

Now I ejected it and all I see is the old songs that were on my iPod before I do that, as if nothing had changed, except that I can't listen to them, it's like if it was empty.
When I click "properties" I see that I'm using 10gb on the ipod and when I open my ipod with thunar I can see the song files. I used to be able to play them on rhythmbox but not since I checked the ipod plugin in "plugins".

So I can't click sync with library because it's too big and it says current memory spend for music is 10gb but I can't listen to the songs with the iPod. It's as if my iPod was just an external hard drive with music on it unable to play it.

help please


#2 2013-04-05 15:05:24

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Re: Rhythmbox and iPod sync problem

This is late, I know. But better than nothing:

Your iPod is not recognized as an iPod but as a regular MP3-Player. This means that the songs are copied to your iPod but not written to the iPod database.

The solution is:

1) delete every file and folder from your iPod

2) delete all hidden files (including the trash) on your iPod

3) Unplug the iPod and plug it in again to restack the folders

4) Open Rhythmbox, enable the iPod plugin and restart

5) Rhythmbox now correctly identifies your iPod

6) Sync iPod by right click > Sync


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