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#1 2005-10-05 21:18:38

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Dmix and "duplicate"?

Hello, I wonder if it's possible to get stereo sound to all 5.1 speakers and use dmix at the same time? What I want is to be able to play stereo sound on all my 6 speakers while having software mixing, this should also happen by defualt for all alsa-programs (like using the pcm.!default in asound.conf)

I've gotten both the stereo-to-5.1-duplication and dmix to work, but not on the same time, each time I try to merge them into the same asound.conf in some way I either get errors or just silence.

My asound.conf:

pcm.dmixs51 {
    type dmix
    ipc_key 1024
    slave {
        pcm "hw:0,0"
        rate 48000
        channels 6
        period_time 0
        period_size 2048
        buffer_time 0
        buffer_size 16384
pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "dmixs51"
    slave.channels 6
    route_policy duplicate

It's really weird, because if just

pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "surround51"
    slave.channels 6
    route_policy duplicate

is alone in the asound.conf it works, but not dmixed.

The first quote is almost directly copied from


#2 2005-10-13 18:12:24

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Re: Dmix and "duplicate"?

Hi man,

I've tryied the second variation of asoun.conf and it doesnt work for me... Don't know why...

asound.conf is stored in /etc/asound.conf...

Do I have to load this file for alsa or something like that to make it work??? In alsamixer does the option Center and LFE works in your machine? In my it is not working when I change volume level, nothing happens...

Any advices to make "duplicate" work?
Mainly want this to work in XMMS or mp3 player. Tryied probably everything... I'm newbie


Respect is everything 8)


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