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#1 2013-01-24 21:20:21

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Numerous ipod playlist issues with Rhythmbox

I have the latest generation ipod Classic and I am experiencing three (as for as I know) different problems in Rhythmbox (latest build).

1. When a song is removed from a playlist on the ipod in Rhythmbox it appears to be removed. However, upon ejection the ipod still lists the deleted track in that playlist.

2. Every eject re-adds all tracks in a playlist to that same playlist again. For example, a playlist with 10 songs will have 100 songs if the ipod is ejected from Rhythmbox 10 times.

3. If I press the eject button in Rhythmbox instead of ejecting the ipod by other means, no playlist changes are saved whatsoever.

Is anybody else suffering from these probems, or am I the only one here who uses Rhythmbox in the Arch world?


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