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[SOLVED] K Display Manager won't start up at boot

EDIT: I'm retarded. I hadn't even checked to see xorg-server was installed. It wasn't.


I just installed package group kde-meta for a full KDE installation including KDM, installed xf86-video-ati for video card drivers, and then ran:

systemctl enable kdm.service
systemctl disable getty@tty1

Now, when I start up, I just get the messages "Starting K Display Manager..." and "Started K Display Manager." but the X server doesn't start up at all. Those messages are left on the screen. Using 'systemctl start kdm.service' does nothing. Literally no output or anything.

What should I do? Also, I know there's not much information, but if you give me some commands I can get some logs. I just don't know where to look for them...

Thanks in advance.

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