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#1 2013-01-27 07:20:34

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Gnome doesn't keep settings

(I have no idea if this should go underneath laptop issues or the Newbie corner, but I have a feeling that it works best for here, so sorry if I didn't classify this correctly~)

I'm currently running the latest version of gnome and arch on my laptop, and each time I reboot my computer or log on, it resets my brightness back to the default, and each time I shut the lid to my laptop, it goes into suspend, regardless if it's on power or not, even though I have it set to do nothing when I shut the lid on power

How do I fix this?


#2 2013-02-22 23:20:41

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Re: Gnome doesn't keep settings


For the brightness setup persit accros reboot, you can install a gnome shell extention. … s-control/

For laptop lid close setup, try the gnome-tweak-tool package, (in shell menu)



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