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#1 2013-01-30 19:40:36

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[Wiki] Using personal Sandboxes

On the wiki, I use personal sandbox pages ie: User:Axanon/sandbox/Somepage as frequent edits to busy pages clutter up page history.. Anyways, my question is: Once I am done with these pages, they are no longer required; is there a bot that will remove the blanked sandbox pages? Or am I to contact a wiki administrator to remove the dead pages?


#2 2013-01-31 14:32:42

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Re: [Wiki] Using personal Sandboxes

You shouldn't really worry about "cluttering up page history", in fact it's much better if the history of a page is made of many little consecutive edits, each with its own proper summary, than if it's made of just a few bulky edits whose diff is impossible to understand.
Anyway, if you want a page to be deleted you will just have to mark it with Template:Deletion, and it will be deleted as soon as an admin takes on the task of deleting the pages marked with that template.


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