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HP Pavilion DM3: Sometimes keys get the wrong scan code

Hi, I have a weird problem that I just can't get behind.

Sometimes my Fn+F1, Fn+F2 and Fn+F5 which should be brightness down/up and lock screen, respectively, don't work any more. When that happens, the output of

showkey -k


keycode 465 press
keycode 465 release

for all of them.

 /lib/udev/keymap -i input/event0


scan code: 0x81 key code: fn_esc

. showkey -s, xev and acpi_listen don't show any output when pressing the keys.

Sometimes, however, everything works fine. The keycodes reported by showkey -k are in the <200 range and differ for each key and I can regulate brightness and lock the screen just fine.

After some more research I found that apparently the hp_wmi module should be handling events from the brightness keys (and some others), acpi events that is. So if pressing the keys doesn't generate an acpi event, it would follow that hp_wmi can't tell the kernel about it. But then why do keymap and showkey react to key presses? Apparently somewhere something gets called. Maybe the acpi event gets swallowed by some other event handler?

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