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E17 lock screen: stuck at authenticating


as of yesterday the E17 lock screen is stuck at authenticating(doesn't reject password nor unlocks the screen) and i have to kill and restart X to get around it. Note that happens with version 0.17 and 0.17.1, so doesn't look like it is related to the update. It used to work in the past though.
After reading the wiki i created  /etc/pam.d/enlightenment:

$:cat /etc/pam.d/enlightenment
auth required

but that doesn't help. I guess being stuck at authenticating is some different problem than not accepting the password.

Any ideas where to look now? I still guess it is PAM related, but i never had to manually configure PAM, so any help is appreciated.

I removed my .e configuration folder and let E17 recreate everything, authenticating works now. Weird... but now the mixer module settings freeze E17... sigh...

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