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Best partition setup with btrfs for / on SSD

Hello there,

I am about to set up a new Arch box and have decided to go with btrfs for / with lzo compression turned on. However, I have some quesitons:

- should I create a dedicated subvolume for /?
- should I use a subvolume for /var or create a partition for it? If create a partition for it with - let's say 15GB - that would mean that all r/w access for it will happen on the same blocks on my SSD and thus incrase wear on the SSD as opposed to not limiting /var to its own partition. But then again, I have no idea if brtfs with lzo compression would be a good option for /var...?

- Should I make a dedicated partition for /home on the SSD and if yes, should I opt for ext4 or btrfs? If the latter, should I turn on lzo copmression or not?

Thanks for helping me with those questions.


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Re: Best partition setup with btrfs for / on SSD

The idea of subvolumes defeats the purpose of separate partitions, those are soo 2001.

Format it with GPT, create a subvol for / so you can do easy snapshotting and fallback.
Don't put /var into a separate subvol as it contains your pacman db.
But definately one for /home.

And compress=lzo for all of them, the compression is smart and will not bother trying to compress things that can't be compressed, unless you force it, which you shouldn't.

Also don't use -o discard, use a nightly fstrim cron job instead.


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