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#1 2003-10-21 13:08:12

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i`ve tried installing bootmagic 8 and basicaly its destroyed my grub setup and now i cant figure out how to get into arch and set it up again  sad
i`ve tried "vmlinux /dev/discs/disc0/part7" to start my arch but it wont work.
i`ve managed to mount onto my root partition and done chroot /mnt but how do i re-configure grub from here.



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Re: grub

I think that you have two choices,

First, if you have chorroted into your system, and suposing that your grub menu.lst is ok, you could exec grub, enter in grub configuration prompt and restore your system

# grub

>root (hdx,x)
>setup (hdx)

If you do that, be aware that grub has its own device naming system, for example, /dev/hda5 is (hd0,4), and hda is (hd0).

The other choice is start whit the arch linux cd, and create /mnt/boot mount your boot partition in there and start /arch/setup. Now, you can go directly to the last part, edit your grub configuratión (at least enter and exit, if you dont do it int won't let you do the net steep) and install your boot loader.

I hope its all ok an it help you, and sorry about my poor english.


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Re: grub

You can boot into Arch from the CD or floppy by booting via

vmlinuz root=/dev/discs/disc0/part7

if this is your root partition.

then check … stallation

how to get grub in one of your boot sectors. But first you need to do some "planning". Apparently, you want bootmagic in your MBR. Therefore, you need to put grub somewhere else. You can put it in either the boot record of your extended partition (you seem to have your Linux in an extended partition), or in the boot sector of one of the logical partitions. This mainly depends wether bootmagic can boot  the partition you want to install grub in.

So, once you have decided on that, you should make that partition bootable or active with fdisk or cfdisk. And then you can follow the instructions in the Grub manual. Now, you simply have to take care, not to follow the "default" instructions and install Grub in the MBR.


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Re: grub

cheers guys

which method would be the quickest and easiest way to just get arch up and running again, because i`ve scrapped bootmagic now and just want to get it back to how it was.


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Re: grub

Quickest is probably andy's method... I find it's the less error prone too.

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