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Inspiron N5010 - Shutdowns

Hello dear Arch community,

I currently have a dual-boot between Arch Linux and Windows 8, but I have been forced to use Windows for like a month now because every time I boot Arch, it would shutdown less than 10 minutes. After that, whatever I boot, it will shutdown the same way until I let my laptop rests for like 15 minutes (Well, maybe less). The weird thing is that this does not occur if I boot Windows in the first place. I have tried to boot an Ubuntu live-CD, but it shuts down even faster than Arch. I haven’t tried any other live-CD though.

I have had regular shutdowns because of overheating about a year ago and it was way worse with Arch than Windows, but it was fine after I cleaned up the inside of my laptop. I don’t think that’s the problem right now, because it is simply not hot at all when I check its heat after the shutdowns. Could damages caused by overheating in the past be the problem? But if it were, how could Windows run just fine?

I really hope there’s a way to solve this, I am getting tired of Windows, it’s a pain to use on a daily basis, especially W8…

I don’t really know what kind of information you’ll need, so just ask and I’ll tell you. Some basic stuff:
Arch Linux x64 (iirc) & KDE
Windows 8 x32
Intel Core i3

Thank you in advance,

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