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#1 2005-10-09 03:59:48

From: Connecticut USA
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fvwm and numlock

i'm assuming almost everyone who's used fvwm has come accross this once or twice.  if you have numlock, scroll lock, or even caps lock on, certain random key bindings don't work in fvwm. i would really like to know why. i used to always have a program that toggled on my numlock when started x, but when i started using fvwm it would just screw it up. i saw it mentioned on the faq and they said if anywould could fix it, they'd be mentioned in big letters on the home page.

anywho, just wondering if anyone knows anything about it or some way to get around it. i guess i can deal with pressing the numlock key whenever i need it, though.


#2 2005-10-09 08:10:56

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Re: fvwm and numlock

Make sure you got the commmand

IgnoreModifiers L25

in your config.
This ignores numlock, L- capslock, 2- numlock, 5- scroll from interfering with bindings.
So I think it will solve your problem ?

Further, wouldn't it be better to add numlockx as a restart function in your fvwm config, so that when you start/restart fvwm, it checks if numlock is on?


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