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Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

Are there any plan to include the Mate desktop in Archlinux?

I have installed Linux for my mother that was used to Windows XP. My aim was to configure a desktop that was as close as possible as Windows XP. I have chosen Xfce (after a little reconfiguration of the desktop: make one single panel at the bottom of the screen, install network-manager and reconfigure a few things here and there). I was convinced nevertheless that Mate should have done in theory a better job. But this necessitates to include an entire third party repository and I would like to stay with something that is Arch supported. I think Mate become more and more popular and have contributed to the rise of Mint Linux vs Ubuntu. Up to know every widely used software was available in the Arch repository. The AUR was only needed for a few mostly standalone software that do not make part of the system; but if Arch misses Mate, this would maybe not be the case in the future anymore.

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Re: Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

I believe mate-desktop and the related packages on AUR is quite well enough as a resource.

But on another note, i did myself set up a arch-linux box for my mother.

What i did though was to create an openbox enviroment, with just a simple menu bar at the bottom.

It has 3 desktops, and it autostarts firefox (with her usual pages on the bookmark-bar)
and py-solitaire fullscreen on desktop 1 and 2.

I then have taught her to just switch between desk 1 and 2
- thus ranging in the only activites she tends to do on her computer.

It is dead simple really, and it has lessen my need of support by 96%.
The beauty is that there is no buttons or icons for her to press smile

(the four percent only being when someone convinces her that she must be able to do whatever her aquantances does on their winbox at home)
I am at ease with this.

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Re: Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

Just to answer why MATE in not currently in the main repos: its not only about votes or number of users, but there needs to be a TU willing to maintain MATE in community. Just recently Cinnamon was moved to community, why you ask? Because a very recent TU wanted it and is maintaining it there.


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Re: Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

I used gnome, but since jumped ship to XFCE.

if there was a real intrest for MATE people would vote for it in AUR.


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Re: Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

Well GNOME 3.8 has been released and with it a new 'classic mode' that, from the screenshots I've seen, is like GNOME 2.x, you might give it a try once it arrives on Arch.

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Re: Any plan to include the mate desktop in Archlinux

Mate has their own arch repositories now as described on the wiki: , so the AUR packages should probably be deprecated now.


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