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#1 2013-02-03 18:38:38

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Possible mouse acceleration bug?

I have come across some odd, but consistent behaviour from adjusting the mouse acceleration, using xset/xinput. Both xset/xinput work fine when I to scale it up, for example xset m 2 0, and even xset m 5/2 0 works fine too.
However if I scale it down, I run in to problems. For example, if I do xset m 1/4 0 (25% speed, constant acceleration), the mouse sensitivity does not appear to be altered at all. Instead I find that the x and/or y coordinates will randomly (a handful of times/minute) be set to 0, i.e cursor gets moved to left/top edge or both. The range of values I have tested appears to indicate that this occurs when the acceleration is between 0 and 1.

I'm currently using XFCE, if that's of any relevance.

Anyone else experiencing this behaviour for the given values? Also, is it xorg-server that handles this translation?

Thank you for your time.


#2 2013-02-03 20:29:57

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Re: Possible mouse acceleration bug?

Interesting. Same bug here. No clue why though.


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