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Issues with Arch on Macbook Pro

Hello everybody, after much trial and error I finally managed to dual boot my Macbook Pro with Arch Linux. However I have run into a few minor problems that I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out with. My first problem is that my keyboards back light is always set at 100%; how can I get the keyboard back light keys to function? Second, the bottom half of my cursor is gone, as in, you can see the top half but the bottom is completely transparent I have no Idea how to fix this. Thirdly my volume up and down keys don't function even after assigning them to run the scripts "amixer set Master 5+ (or minus if appropriate)". And finally, is there anyway I can get some of the track pads multi-touch features to work? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Issues with Arch on Macbook Pro

Saba9, all of these issues have been well covered in the wiki or in other forum posts.  One in particular stands out as having quite a bit of recent forum coverage.

Please search for your own answers before posting questions and note that when you do, posting one problem per thread will be far more productive.

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