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Virtual Box Guest problems with libgl


I had a Virtual Box (under Windows 7 64 bits) running for a few days with no problems.
It run updated Arch, with KDE.

Yesterday the problems started, after doing "pacman -Syu", something has changed...
From now on, when I start X, I only get a black screen.

I've traced the problem to the libgl library - if it's not installed, X starts correctly. If it's there - X fails.

In order to verify my assumption, I've installed a new Virtual Machine according to the "unofficial beginner's guide", installed X, tested it, installed XFCE4, tested it - so far all OK.
Then, I've installed audacity (it also uses libgl, and I wanted to avoid KDE to be sure it's not with them).
And now - there is this failure in the Xorg.0.log:
[  6552.010] (EE) AIGLX error: vboxvideo does not export required DRI extension

(I wanted to attach the 2 log files, isn't it possible??)



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Re: Virtual Box Guest problems with libgl

This is a bug in virtualbox. Somebody said it happened upon upgrading nvidia drivers on the host machine:

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