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Fresh x86_64 install freezes at login


I am doing a fresh install from the 2013.02.01 install media. The installer boots just fine, and the install process goes off without a hitch. I am using a single ext4 / partition and the default /etc/mkinitcpio.conf to generate the ramdisk. However, when I boot into the new system, it hangs on the login screen, or sometimes just a split second before the login screen renders.

I can boot into other OSes (Debian, FreeBSD, Xubuntu, Windows) on this same machine from different disks, and I have even installed Debian onto the new hard drive, and everything works fine. I can mount the Arch partition in other OSes and it passes its SMART and other tests -- it seems to be fine as well. When I look at the Arch logs, they are completely empty except the original pacman.log. So, I have nothing to even begin troubleshooting.

Anyone have any ideas? Wildly guessing, I'd suspect a problem with the 3.7.5-1 x86_64 kernel, but that's a wild guess, as mentioned. Any help would be appreciated. I may try an older kernel later this evening, but other than that, I have no other ideas. Arch Linux is the only GNU/Linux distro I have tried in the last few days that will not boot on this hardware.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Struck some superfluous information.

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