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[SOLVED] HDMI output not working

I just bought myself a home theater system but can't get my laptop to connect to the reciever.

My laptop is an Asus UX31E with integrated HD 3000 graphics. When I connect a HDMI cable to the reciever (Pioneer VSX-527) it doesn't even detect my laptop. If I go into the Cinnamon/GNOME display settings, it doesn't even show that I'm connected to an external display.

In pavucontrol I'm able to select the HDMI as an output, but it doesn't play any sounds on the reciever (which plays just fine from radio, so at least the speakers are connected correctly).

What to do?

And here's the output from xrandr:

HDMI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)

Derp, faulty cable.

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