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mountconf: simple [auto]mounter with wm-menus

It is was really nothing to do so I've written this thing. I found it useful for myself as it simplifies removable devices management.
It can be used as automounter and/or manual mount script.

"mountconf m DEVICE" to mount, "mountconf u DEVICE" to unmount, "mountconf l" to [un]lock automounting.
DEVICE is specified as a block device from "/dev". For example, "/dev/sdb2".

Lock can be useful feature if you use automounting but want temporarily disable it (if you work with partitions, for example).

Initially, mountconf is configured to mount everything he is asked into "/mnt/NAME", where NAME is kernel device name (like sdb2).

There are custom options for FATs, NTFS, ISO9660 and UDF.

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