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Openbox pipe-menu refresh problem

Hi Archer's!!

I have a question.

I'm developing a program to Create and Burn data disks in Openbox using pipe-menus.
something like a K3B ported to pipe-menu...(well, with a lot of limitations of course haha.. now it only support data disk creation). But that isn't a problem because the script is very modular and it's easy to add features. It's a complex pipe-menu hmm, but i have build it in 95%.

The program uses the [ Hold Ctrl + Click ] feature of openbox to navigate and SET value options without closing the menu for every option/setting.


Imagine that you open the openbox menu, and navigate inside a pipe-menu (with sub-pipe-menus and items)... and you hold "Ctrl" and then click over a "item-A" (1). (The item-A have an action that can Change a determinated value from a config file). The Hold Ctrl+Click execute the action, but can't close the menu. All it's ok.
Navigating more down, one sub-pipe-menu shows the Values of the config file.

So the idea is Hold Ctrl+Click to edit values clicking on items without closing the entire menu, and then show the new values with the sub-pipe menu for every time when the user move the cursor over the pipe-menu.

The first action (1) can change the value and can't close the menu.
The sub-pipe-menu can be loaded infinite times, so you can change a lot of values with a lot of items with that action.. and then watch the results all the times.

The problem is that the sub-pipe-menu never show the new values with this proccedure. It is necessary to close the entire menu and then re-open the pipe to see the changes...

¿How can i solve this?
¿This problem is because the main pipe-menu call a external pipe-menu, and one process is loading the scripts?

PD: The sub-pipe-menu is called externally, in other words.. until the user move the mouse over the pipe-menu, the general ouput is null.

Sorry for my english, i do the best effort.
Matt G.S.


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