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Monitoring Clementine with DBus


I'm trying to achieve a result similar to the solution proposed here, but with Clementine instead of Rhythmbox, and since I'm not familiar with DBus (at all) I figured I'd try replacing only the parameters.

Basically, I want to have a function executed when the playing track changes.

It goes OK until the connection to the signal

player.connect_to_signal ("playingUriChanged", playing_song_changed)

because of the playingUriChanged

I looked for the equivalent for Clementine with qdbus and found this

signal void org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.TrackChange(QVariantMap)

but I don't really know what to do with it since it takes a parameter.

Anyone knows how to achieve that? Or will I have to switch to Rhythmbox and forget about that nice rain sound? big_smile

Edit: Sorry, I just realized there is a 'Programming & Scripting' forum for that... woops

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