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#1 2013-02-11 21:57:49

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Auto-reconnecting to the last WiFi

The problem is that in the place where my bed is my network loses connection. If I'm at my desk that's closer to my router, it stays all the time. After reconnecting using `wifi-menu` all works for next minutes. How could I automatize the process of reconnecting?

I tried to run `sudo systemctl enable net-auto-wireless.service`, but it didn't help me. Any ideas?


#2 2013-02-11 22:30:32

Lord Bo
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Re: Auto-reconnecting to the last WiFi


"sudo systemctl enable net-auto-wireless.service" itself will for sure not solve your problems, but the first thing to notice is, that you should have done "sudo systemctl start net-auto-wireless.service" first, since that would have started the service immediatly. "systemctl enable" will only shedule the service to be startet at boot. And then of course you have to configure your wireless settings to work correctly with this service. Have you read the "Wireless Setup" section in the arch wiki? Especially part II?

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